Missionary Tie Club

To place an order with the Missionary Tie Club, please complete the form below. Please be sure to specify whether you wish to be named as the benefactor, or do not wish to be acknowledged and thus remain anonymous.

After completing this page with the information we will need to contact you (the purchaser) and your missionary, you will go to another page where you will have the option of purchasing immediately with your credit card, or informing us that you will mail payment.

Please be aware, that currently we can only ship to missionaries serving in the United States. We hope to offer our service to foreign serving missionaries sometime in the future.
Missionary Ties
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Please note we can currently only ship to missions in the United States and its territories.
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Please indicate the membership type you desire for this missionary. If you want to purchase a membership for another missionary, please complete this form a second time with that elder's name and mission information. Thank you.

  Plan Description Choice Price
Trial Plan: 3 months, 3 ties.
*SPECIAL: one free month, 4 for the price of 3!*
Half-Year Plan: 6 months, 6 ties. $50.00
Annual Plan: 12 months, 12 ties. $99.00
Get Established Plan: 18 months, 18 ties. $140.00
Full Service Plan: 24 months, 24 ties. $180.00
Bi-Monthly Annual Plan: 12 months, 6 ties. $50.00
Bi-Monthly Full Service Plan: 24 months, 12 ties. $100.00
Less Frequent
Quarterly Plan: 12 months, 4 ties. $40.00
Semi-Annual Plan: 24 months, 4 ties. $40.00

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