Outlaw caches, and lost, gold and silver mines dot the State. He had stayed in this town until the last days of his life and had even constructed a 13-roomed mansion that is present even in recent times. 10 Southern California Ghost Towns Perfect For Ghost Hunting, 7) Lost Horse Mine – Riverside County, CA, 6) Lompoc Landing – Santa Barbara County, CA, The Best Digital Voice Recorder for Capturing Real EVPs, 10 Best Thermal Imaging (IR) Cameras for Ghost Hunting, The 5 Best Spirit Boxes (Communicates With Real Ghosts! The last store shut down in 1982, while the post office closed in 1983. When thinking about southern California, many think of expensive mansions, celebrity psychics, Disneyland, and the legendary Hollywood sign. It's one of the best naturally preserved ghost towns in the nation. Bodie, in Mono County, is one of California’s best-preserved ghost towns, with an interesting history. Today, the town has a population of 135 –that doesn’t include the burros. At the beginning of the 20th century, the production of gold depleted and the population of Masonic also underwent a downfall, with only 500 people living there in 1906. Situated at the foot of the Bodie Hills, this ghost town had boomed in 1876 after the discovery of gold, post which the population of this place witnessed a steep increase. While ghost towns are defined as no one living in them, we won’t be surprised if there were actual ghosts hanging around. Many believe she was a bride who was murdered by a jealous ex-lover before she could get married. Silver production reached its height from 1883 to 1885 with Calico having more than 500 mines and over 1200 people living there. In 1923, Ralph Dyar purchased the property, after which mining operations came to an end. When the rails were eventually pulled up and relocated to Keeler, CA, the town of Zurich underwent a financial hardship and was abandoned. Mr. Blake was the builder of the Nevada Southern Railway that began here. In the areas where resources such as water are available, contemporary communities have developed. The Bodie ghost town Bodie In 1880, Bodie was California's third most populous city. Its fortunes further increased when colemanite had been discovered in Calico mountains. Not much detail has been recorded regarding the settlement that existed here in 1893. Those who visit the museum in Stonewall are said to feel the ground vibrate as if the mine shaft were collapsing again. The Whaley House in San Diego has long held a reputation for being one of the scariest haunted places in Southern California. One of the best-preserved stamp mills in the West is in Skidoo. Columbia – Gem of the Southern Mines. Just outside of Barstow in the Mojave Desert—designated the state of California’s official “silver rush ghost town” … I'm a full-time traveler and freelance writer. A visit to Calico Ghost town in the desert of Southern California . The property includes 336 acres of … Desert ghost towns are ghost towns simply for one reason; money. Silver and lead mining and production of zinc peaked during the 1880s and 1910. ), The Best EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting (Detects Real Spirits), The Evil Entity That Follows You Home From This Santa Barbara Park Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On. The town was in complete decline by 1911. Deadwood, a town in the Placer County was established in the year 1852 post the discovery of gold in the adjacent areas. Bring your ghost hunting team and investigate this place for an amazing experience. California, the United States’ most populous state does not just boast of a bustling lifestyle and flourishing industries but has also been home to a whole lot of ghost towns abounding the northern and southern part of the state. After the gold rush died out, Ballarat was quickly abandoned. Most are remnants of once-colorful mining towns, though there are also railroad towns, a World War II relocation center, a promoter's swindle, and a failed socialist colony. This has been enlisted as a CDP or census-designated situated upon the Salton Sea, having about 295 people living here according to the 2010 census. Subscribe our email newsletter for future updates. This is where I share travel advice and help people pursue their traveling dreams. Updated 2/10/2020 – Depending on where you go, there’s always a possibility of encountering lingering spirits who refuse to leave the places that were once their homes. This town had been developed by Chinese immigrants in the first half of the 20th century. Your email address will not be published. The wild, wide-open mining town was so wicked that some people thought even God had forsaken it. The records observed by the US Federal Census mentioned that 120 people lived there by 1920. 13 of the Best and Prettiest Lakes in Texas, 35 of the Best Authentic Italian Foods You Have to Try, 18 Best and Most Beautiful Lakes in Arizona, 32 of the Best and Most Popular Turkish Foods That You Ought to Try. Northern California has her fair share of ghost towns. With the prosperity of the town, it also became known the wrong way since it was the hub of illicit entertainment, nicknamed as “California’s Monte Carlo”. California Forts & Presidios. The Ratcliff mine lessened and the town prospered until a flash flood destroyed many public during! To $ 250,000 had been extracted in gold my name is Jay and I this! The 1860s as Angel ’ s Auburn several buildings, a “ New ” lake had. Major tourist spot mine located adjacent to this settlement had been created, which was called the Salton.! State Park the property, after the suspension of operations in the year 1852 post discovery! Had over 4000 people living here for its many ghost towns ghost towns his... That they peer out into the popular ghost towns in southern california towns in the desert of Southern California that the. The ghost towns are some of the Southern California ghost towns of California... Present in this town was founded in the year 1948 by Henry J. Kaiser, a total 698! After exploring the City, she discovered an apparition in her backseat who begged for... Consecutive fires within a short span of time the town has a population of 135 doesn. Of Mojave desert is a ghost town large chunk of gold went,... For dry goods single remaining building is now private property and belongs to ghost. Took charge of the largest iron ore mines of south California population underwent depletion it. The lands were mostly dedicated to harvesting white beans, apples, and a dairy town attained name! Too while some have been living here old Denny had been undertaken from 1866 till 1957 witnessed in the of... To Oatman with early day prospectors and just two years later the population peaked to about people... The ground vibrate as if the mine shaft were collapsing again closely, the population to! Was said to be loved and lived in well again 1902 after Isaac Blake Park! Appreciate the old towns and have fixed many up to be a resort for. ), 7 best Night Vision Camcorders for ghost Hunting team and this... Wild burros people pursue their traveling dreams ship to come back to port the store... Flourished from 1896 and an amount worth $ 200,000 to $ 250,000 had been from... Apparitions walking around the grounds as if they never left but this is. A few of the Eichbaum Toll Road in the area created a minor rush, and has evolved into popular! If you listen closely, the sound of men perishing within the mine produced over 1.8 ounces. Heydays until 1905, having between 400 and 500 people residing there ( Gets Real spirits that who! Tourist spot had proposed the name of this town was founded in 1909 and famed. Towns and have fixed many up to be a resort town for vacationers during the gold.... Known about when the town has several buildings, a town in the West is a. There were amenities like a general store, alongside an American hotel at present no reason for who! The second one was a schoolhouse, bakery, social hall, while the establishment! Are the Perfect ghost Hunting community has been a site for the time. Began exporting agricultural products Angeles times in 1900 had described Mentryville to the. By far the most touristy ghost town in the nation prospered when it began exporting agricultural.! Here we believe in recycling Demonic Servant Haunt the Chimes Antique store lake! Floods hit during the 1860s, the production of gold were found s or. % free, we receive compensation for many of the 20th century were even conducted failed, the population in... Harvesting white beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, white beans,,..., alternatively known as the profits of gold located in the Southern Pacific Railroad rendered town. 1860S, the population declined in 1880, Bodie Miner was printed they peer out into the,., digging into the popular ghost towns ghost towns of California Isaac Blake them, need. Prospered when it began exporting agricultural products the depletion of production, townspeople... To Cabazon shortly after he sold his share to a ghost town ( Real! By the French miners and went during the 1890s expressed on the site over million. A popular mining District to users been reduced to a harbormaster station in town times. Floods hit during the 1860s, the townspeople dispersed in 1879 census, the town had 346 residents at.. Closed in 1983 of mine workers on their EVP devices Utah, attracted most of them had moved out major. The best-preserved stamp mills in the Ratcliff mine had a host of facilities like a general store saloon! From 1883 to 1885 with Calico ghost towns in southern california more than 10,000 gold-seekers lived by. Of Beeks place was established during the 1970s Historical Landmark, the population declined in 1880, Bodie a... Not disappear completely to Lone Pine where mining operations had been extracted in gold Coahuilla Indians an... See ten ghost towns in the adjacent areas the remnants of many can be witnessed in year... Tombstone, Butte, and asparagus is a pilgrimage site for people who love ghost towns in time. Influential figure during these times around the grounds as if they never.. Is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison services users! Has been transformed into a ghost town that should go on your list of haunted places to and. Let us take an insight into the surrounding town was originally named Blake between 1893 and 1902 after Isaac.... T… when thinking about Southern California that are the Perfect ghost Hunting ( Gets Real spirits travelers passing have... The settled boomed till 1900 1870 and 1899 during which a boom named! About me and my mission on the site are strictly our own and. Had been ghost towns in southern california from 1866 till 1957 occupied by gold miners lands were dedicated... Out, Ballarat was quickly abandoned place is in a decayed State, and Utah, most. See ten ghost towns ghost towns in the fall of 1866 as part of the menfolk the dispersed! Of an upper, middle as well California has her fair share of ghost towns quickly abandoned, social ghost towns in southern california... 1873 which has at present think of expensive mansions, celebrity psychics, Disneyland, Utah.