“Our very easy going son insisted on leaving with just four ties. I knew he would want more, but figured it wasn’t worth arguing over. Luckily I joined your monthly club, and he loves getting his monthly tie. My other son and his friend have asked about joining the club now! It will make a nice gift for us to give our son’s friend when he goes in 2 years. Thanks again for such a great service for missionaries. I have suggested it to many and will continue to do so.”

—   Jackie White, Lancaster, CA
(Elder White – Alabama Birmingham Mission)  

“In my time serving here in the Lexington Mission, I’ve encountered a great number of people, and I see the same faces on a once-a-week basis. A few of the other guys here are always chuckling at the fact I have a different tie each time. Thanks to you and my parents for making our days out here a little more fun. “

—   Elder Haller

Lexington Kentucky Mission