Frequently Asked Questions

My missionary already started his mission, can I still sign him up for a membership?

Of course! Please find a package that fits with how much time he has left.

What if my missionary comes home early?

First, we hope all is well with him!  Please Contact Us and we will be sure to change his shipping address. Also, if it is preferred to receive the remaining ties in his membership package all at once, we can accommodate this.

Do all ties fit the missionary tie standards?

We do our very best to follow the missionary dress standard outlined by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints online, which states “Ties should be simple in color and design and professional in style. They should not contain pictures or caricatures. Do not, for any reason, wear ties that draw attention, appear unprofessional, or distract others from your message.”

Do you ship to international missions?

Due to expensive international shipping prices we currently do NOT ship to missionaries serving in foreign missions. 

Do you offer any services to sister missionaries?

Sister missionaries are the bomb. However, we don’t offer any sister appropriate items right now. But we are working to add something for them soon! If you have any suggestions for sisters, let us know!

Is this a missionary-exclusive club?

While we are designed for missionaries, we understand that more than just missionaries may want to add some fun to their wardrobe. Please just leave us an additional comment when you check out so we don’t make the mistake of sending packages to “Elder.”

Do you offer a month to month payment option?

We realize this is a popular and affordable option and we are working on adding this option through PayPal.