Back in 1994, Christmas was quickly approaching back and we still needed a gift for Uncle David – a missionary serving for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Richmond, Virginia. We had a difficult time thinking of a gift that would be appropriate, not cumbersome to move around on transfers, and still be meaningful to him.

Inspired by the many “offerings” received in the mail at that time of year, we decided—almost as a joke—to invent a “Tie of the Month Club” for him. We packaged some ties together and mailed them off along with a letter explaining that someone had purchased a subscription for him. Every month we sent another package of ties, some were nearly hideous, others quite dashing.

To our delight, David greatly enjoyed the tie packages and eagerly anticipated their arrival each month. His companions were also very curious to see what would arrive next. With time, these ties became hot trade items between the missionaries, and a topic of conversation at district and zone meetings. Eventually, we realized that more missionaries would enjoy receiving ties monthly and Missionary Tie Club was born.

Missionary Tie Club now includes missionaries serving throughout the United States and we are hoping to add international options very soon.

Your missionary gift will not only enrich your missionary’s experience but others also wanting to serve throughout the world! We will contribute $1 of every tie shipped to the General Missionary Fund of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Furthermore, we are a family-run business with a goal to help our children set aside funds for their own missions.

We are confident that your missionary will enjoy a membership and a reminder of your thoughtfulness in brightening his day (and his wardrobe).